Why Morris?
1.You can find our bathtubs in many countries
Many well-known international brands doing OEM in Morris.

why some people only choose Morris since there're too many brands in the
market? Just because Morris's professional technic and OEM service, which
was relied by many other brands. Our products are distributed over dozens
of countries over the world, which means you may already own a bathtub
from Morris.
2.We have professional technic which can't be copied
We're the first factory to produce a spraied bathtub in the world.

Clients from advanced countries are particular about the technic quality
of bathtubs, from water pressure to radian measure, they strictly test
the profession of factories. Morris which produce bathtubs for over 30
years can solve many technical problems that other factories can't solve,
and that's why clients are all surprised.
3.We're all particular about the quality of foundry in Morris.
We take the sanitary ware as fine art.

Products made in Morris are meticulously designed to be fashion and
perfect to adorn the bath. We take the sanitary ware as fine art, that
makes Morris becomes the only choice for many consumers.
4.We have material assurance
All products must pass the strict checks to ensure the qualities.

Morris doesn't use inferior material which many factories use to cut
cost. We take responsbility for every single manufacturing process
of our products.